Travel Burda Calligraphy

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Calligraphy travel
08-01-2016, Djelfa

1- Calligraphy travel

Laghouat bus station (sntv) ,08/01/2016,22:30. Djelfa bus station,23:45, A very cold night , my artist friend, Mohamed Naoui, Djelfa. Departure 4:30, Arrival 9 :30 Algiers. taxi to the hotel, yellow cab,Yallow Taxi, yellow hornet, 300 dinar , ARAGO HOTEL, Alger Centre, Algeria (16), two night 6200 dinar ,Blue car, Laghouat to Algiers , 5 h 57 min (402,8 km) via Trans-Sahara Hwy/N1, The Little Black Bag

Colors from plane window
10-01-2016 , Algiers To Dubai

2-Colors from plane window

Taxi to the Airport , last seat of the plane , yes , many Chinese passenger, the hostess are europiane, Red Cap, not speak arabic , Not French … Dubai view of sky , A Coffee, Please! … on the plane . Mr.Abdelkader Daoudi. Sunday, January 10 , 2016 – Duration 6:40 . Emirates – EK758. Dep :15:05 Algries,Algeria- Houari Boumediene ALG. Arr: 00:45 .
Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Dubai International DXB – Terminal 3, Bin Batoota Travel . Airplane Window , view from plane window , tunisia, Mediterranean Sea , is Malta ? Nile Delta , Hedjaz, Saudi Arabia , the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.Calligraphy , Persian Gulf , Iran , United Arab Emirates

Terminal 3
11-01-2016, Dubai Airports

3- Terminal 3

Arrive at 01:52, Terminal 3, The reception at the airport, Yasser AbdelRahim , Beautiful lighting at the airport, Go to the hotel, Good services at the airport and the plane . dubai night ,Travel Journal , wake me up for , TIME Grand Plaza Hotel , PO Box 237844, Damascus St. Al Qusais, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, room 432, do not disturb .

room 432
11/01/2016, Dubai

4-room 432

Room 432, Art Room , modern bathrooms, gray color , modern poster.
TIME Grand Plaza Hotel , Dubai , I am very tired, room 432 , Enjoy your stay with us ,,, robert de niro movie ,The family , beautiful dream, by a tomorrow…color yellow and Gray,not red

breakfast colors
11-01-2016 , Dubai

5- breakfast colors

First Day , Artist Discussion ,nice to meet you artists , my breakfast ,egg , little coffee , bread , Muhannad Walid Khalil from Canada, Abdul Nasser Abdul Mawla Ahmad from Egypt, Abdul Aziz Bin Hamad Bin Mohammad Al Omaiari from Oman . poetry, Modern Calligraphy , Sohag , Vancouver , Bagdad , Democracy and Dictatorship , Syrian crisis News , Yemeni Civil War , libyan civil war, palestine and gaza

The artist Bus
12-01-2016 , Dubai to Abu Dhabi

6-the artist Bus

Distance from Dubai to Abu Dhabi 150 kms , Jumeirah , Jebel Ali ocated 35 kilometers (22 mi) southwest of the city of Dubai , the artist Bus ,Calligraphers
Abdul Rahman Dubler & Mohammad Yaman , Ahmad Dubler , Yalmaz Touran from Turkey, Ahmad Hassan Al Hawari from Egypt. Siljen Qaisarjalan from Turkey, Mohessen Muradi and Mohessen Akmiri & Mahdi Irani , Afsana Mahdawi & Maasooma Muradi from Iran, Sarab Arr & Kulthoom Kokerjeen from Turkey .
AbdelQader Daoudi from Algeria, Muhannad Walid Khalil from Canada. Abdul Nasser Abdul Mawla Ahmad from Egypt, Abdul Aziz Bin Hamad Bin Mohammad Al Omaiari from Oman , arrive National Theatre , Abu Dhabi

Calligraphy Expo
12-01-2016, National Theatre, Abu Dhabi

7- Calligraphy Expo

National Theatre, Abu Dhabi. the Burda award in the exhibition accompanying the ceremony. Arabic calligraphy , celebration of the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him. the best Burda award winning works in previous sessions , ya quds , Al-Quds Al-Sharif . In the category of drawing Arabic letters « Al Horoofia », the results were as follows: the Jury withheld first place award, while the second place went to Aljak Said from Sudan. The third place went to Abdel Qader Daoudi from Algeria, the fourth place went Mohammad Abd Al Razzak Mohammad Ibrahim from Syria and the fifth place went to Aqil Mustafa Ahmad from Syria and Muhannad Walid Khalil from Iraq,Canada.

AlBurda Award cermony
12-01-2016, Abu Dhabi

8- AlBurda Award cermony

Musiciens , Calligraphy , guests, colors . Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan attends honouring ceremony of Al Burda Award winners , the operetta « Fe Thelal Al Burda », Tunisian artist and the Palestinian artist, religious chanting, Artists Ahmed Al Jasmi and Mahmoud Al Ali, Al Wasmi and the Macedonian vocalist Massoud Chrits . the Arabic language and Arabic calligraphy as one of the most important Islamic Arts.

The Dervishes Dance
12-01-2016 , National Theatre, Abu Dhabi

9- The Dervishes Dance

Dervish tourneur , the operetta « Fe Thelal Al Burda », ceremony to honour the winners of Al Burda Award in its thirteenth session. poetry, calligraphy and ornamentation as a celebration of the anniversary of the aromatic and blessed birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) . the Burda award ,Travel colors.

Waiting room
14-01-2016, Dubai Airport

10-Waiting room

Waking up at 4:00 , Back to Algeria , Turkish calligrapher , Turkish Airlines, Istanbul, minibus to the Airport , Yasser AbdelRahim , Thank you for your hospitality . Thursday ,January 14, 2016 , Dep 08:10 AM , Emirates Airline.
,LINE, COLOR,red , red , red portrait , Blue-Eyes , Assalamu alaykum